My Yeezy Season Expectations Are Always Too High

I’m coming to terms with the fact that my hopes and dreams for Yeezy Season, all of ’em, are always too high.

I’m a huge fan of Kanye West. I think his music is genius and he’s one of the most creative creatives we have. I’ve admittedly been having a hard time defending him lately but that’s another story for another day.

And although I appreciate Ye for what he brings to the culture, there is always much to be desired when I see those clothes come down the runway. Every. Damn. Time.

Even though he closed out Madison Square Garden all while debuting a dope ass album, the clothes just….they just didn’t.

For Yeezy Season 4, I was one of the lucky people to wait outside in the sweltering heat on Roosevelt Island while big, angry security guards told us to move back as random people got out of Black cars all before, actually, long before getting to the main event. I was a bit more impressed by this collection, probably only because I love me some transparent PVC shoes, but still I wasn’t moved.

And this time, well, I’m glad he took the criticism to heart when it came to bringing it down a notch and focusing on the clothes but yet and still.


I consider myself to be a pretty self-aware person, so my personal analysis tells me that I’m incorrectly correlating Kanye’s big, extravagant personality and his larger-than-life musical work with his designing ability.

I keep hoping that somehow the antics will show up in the clothes — and they don’t.

For Kanye to be such an exciting man, such a polarizing ‘love him or hate him’ man…I hate for the clothes to be so anticlimactic. I hate for them do be cool in theory but ultimately something I can take or leave.

What brings me joy every time I do see a Yeezy collection though is this idea that when Kanye says he’s going to do something he does. It always inspires the shit out of me. But that’s the inspiration I get, not what I see coming down the runway.

We have to remember that Kanye completely changed the game in hip hop fashion when he stepped on the scene. He let men know that it was ok to rock pink, that polos weren’t just for rich white guys, that sunglasses with bars in the lenses were practical and that a backpack was a necessary accessory.

The impact he’s had tells me that he has it. He has it in him to bring something new, refreshing and exciting to fashion because he’s Kanye West. And because my hopes are just as high as my expectations, I’m willing to wait for it to happen.



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