Walking Into the New Year Like…

Hopefully we’ve all had a chance to recover from whatever New Years Eve turned out to be. Whether it was an epic night that will be a recurring story told among friends or something no one wants to talk about for the sake of the friendship; it’s time to talk resolutions.

First things first, let’s deal with the fact that I really don’t like the word resolution. It isn’t’ because pretty much every publication out there has decided to shun the idea of resolutions, and I have no issue with the term itself, but when it comes to the New Year it just doesn’t sound that great. It implies that you’ve screwed up and need to scramble to fix things before it all blows up in your face.

So, instead of talking about resolutions I’m talking #goals.

#lifegoals #relationshipgoals #wardrobegoals #hairgoals, #squadgoals #bodygoals

All the goals!

Because when you really break it down that’s what this whole thing is about right? It’s not about some idea of recreating who you are every year to no avail, but refocusing, redirecting and ultimately bettering yourself step-by-step.

It’s like the difference between consistently decorating your home so that eventually it’s your safe place and something you’re proud of, as opposed to taking a boulder to it, starting from scratch and running out of your budget by week 3.

From my resolutions last year which dealt with coming to terms with my wardrobe, to my intention this year which is simply to focus, I’ve come a long way.

I want to focus fully on my dreams, my health, on the laundry that I have piled up and keep putting off by buying new things, on my money, my relationships and on my idea of myself.

I think if we can just focus on a daily basis, on smaller tasks and goals, it’ll build up to be something we’re really proud of.

Because when it’s all said and done, I want to walk out of 2016 feeling like…


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