The Neverending Meal

Photo courtesy of VogueGirl Korea
Photo courtesy of VogueGirl Korea

2014 was the year of food for me.

I ate everything. Everything. Everrrything.

My lovely boyfriend happens to be a foodie & I happen to be…a follower apparently because we were about town living it up.

BBQ at The Smoke Joint, delectable chicken parmesan at appropriately named Parm in SoHo, small sweet cakes of gluttony at Georgetown Cupcakes, dessert samplings at Momofuku. I could go on.

And then it was like a monster was created. I found myself at the Meatball Shop having a quaint lunch to myself with meatball sliders that I had to Instagram because they were so good, picking out coffee shop pastries, pointing to a grandma slice at the local pizza shop, you name it I was sinking my teeth into it.

And then there was New Orleans.
Oh New Orleans.
It was a trap that we not only fell into but happily prepared for. Visiting the city under the guise of celebrating his birthday yet when it came to infamous NOLA cuisine…
We. Went. In.
Scouting the city for the best food we could find. Happily discussing our favorite eats with the precision and attention to detail of a real live food critic. And even going so far as to tape a video about the amazing praline bacon at Bywater restaurant, Elizabeth’s.

All in all there was Gumbo & Po Boys & Beignets

Oh lawd.

With all this said I am reluctant to share that any fitness and diet plans I have has an uneven amount to do with my general health & my desire to fit my favorite corduroy paisley shorts; weighing more heavily on the side of getting into my clothes. But whatever gets you moving right?

If you too were completely foolish in your eating habits and need to be resurrected from a glutenous 2014 join me in my reformation.

Let our fashion ambitions be the fire under our overeating butts.

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