The Whole Funk: Spring Seventies Revival

Prior to fashion week I was quite worried. Several rumors suggested that the early 2000’s were planning their comeback and I don’t know about you but I couldn’t afford to go out like that. My time as a pre-teen was a happy one…but not necessarily fashionable. As I reflected on my Allen Iverson jersey dress, red suspenders, camisole layered over polo shirts, prairie skirts and my especially snazzy half jersey half jean dress I thought…pineapples!!!

I wasn’t ready.

Much to my relief, the magical weavers of our fashion fate decided to look about 30 years earlier for this season’s inspiration. A much groovier time, more funakdelic and much more to my liking.

So here we are, standing in the midst of a Seventies revival and I love it. From suedes to fringe here are the hottest styles and where you can snag them. Spring/Summer 2015 is going to bring you the funk baby. Nothing but the funk.




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