The Journey to Yeezy Season 4

When you wake up to a phone call informing you that you’ll be attending Yeezy Season 4 show you get your ass up and get ready for the new horizons you’re bound to cross.

This was the case on the morning of September 8th when my editor called me at 7:12am to let me know she was sending me. Usually I don’t fully wake up until around 12pm but my interest was piqued to say the least.

I assembled my best Yeezy-esque ensemble and faced the day head on.

What made it so glaringly clear that this was indeed a Kanye West event was the secret location, however it wasn’t long before we were informed that the festivities would take place on Roosevelt Island. Easy enough, I know how to get there. What I hadn’t bargained for though was a grave misunderstanding between Siri and I that led me to the opposite end of the island and very far away from where I needed to be.

Yeezy Season 4


I don’t remember the last time I walked that fast but I truly wish I’d been given indication that it’d take more than a damn hour to actually get the show going.

Kanye managed to pack fashion insiders, some at the top of their game, in a mosh pit of a line complete with security guards consistently yelling to move over so that cars carrying unrecognizable VIPS could make their way through. It was intense to say the least.

Yeezy Season 4

Another interesting factor was that although my longline distressed denim jacket was an important part of my outfit, I’d realized then that September does not mean Fall. In fact, this September day meant a smooth 84 degrees with the sun beaming relentlessly on my head. It seemed to mock me. ‘How bad do you really want to see this show huh? Are you really going to keep that jacket on? What about the beads of sweat on your forehead, how long can you ignore them?’

Yeezy Season 4
Yeezy Season 4

It turned out that I could ignore them for a long time considering that the show was slated to start at 3 and ended up kicking off over an hour later.

I was shooed because I was too close to the Kardashians (not before I got a snap), and came to the realization that to Kanye “multi-cultural” essentially means everybody s long as their skin tone compliments the lightest to darkest theme he had going.

I watched and asked myself several questions as a very courageous model stepped onto the runway with faulty heels. I thought, ‘How is she going to make it all the way around?’ Sure enough, she came struggling around the corner with wobbling ankles and made an admirable attempt at continuing to slay no matter what. As onlookers gasped and whispered “no” she was miraculously carried away by a man that I’ve deemed a hero.


As the “It girls” hit the runway, i.e. Chanel Iman, Teyana Taylor and the like, I realized it was the first time I’d thought about the clothes the entire day. An interesting realization at a fashion show.

Either way, aside from the snafus I found myself looking on proudly as Kanye hit the runway, if only because he’d managed to make another dream of his come true.

And now every time someone asks me how Yeezy Season 4 was I find myself saying “it was crazy…good but…crazy.”



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