That Time I Spent $70 on Some Dry Cleaning

My stomach hurts a little bit. And it’s not because of that spicy/creamy sushi I just had but because my dry cleaning bill, for 5 pieces of clothing, just came up to $70.


Uh huh Miss. Jay. My thoughts exactly.

I’m new to this. And I don’t understand. I had to call my mom for some perspective and she quite simply told me I’d been robbed.

So I guess the feeling in my stomach is that of someone who’s just been robbed.

I’ve just started making enough money to buy things that need to be dry cleaned so with new levels in life comes hard lessons I guess.

But I mean, damn.

After I was informed I was robbed I did what any person would do, called the dry cleaners and told them to stop the press! After a semi-confusing 5 minute conversation I was sadly informed that my clothes had already been sent off because my rich blood and I requested to have them done by the morning. I’d aided in my own demise.

I did however realize that she’d charged me for a dress instead of a ┬átank top with long panels. Knocked off a smooth $7. We’re down to $62. *insert emoji with tongue sticking out*

So the next day as I reluctantly made my way to pick up my garments I reevaluated a few things, thought about what this $62 dollars could have been spent on and emotionally separated myself from the money.

When I got there the head honcho of the dry cleaning spot greeted me with a huge smile. You know, the smile that someone gives you when they’ve successfully checked you during a game of life chess. As she vehemently told me they’d done an amazing job and everything was super clean I nodded and swiftly made my way out of there. Never to return again.

And then I got home, pulled out my white tank with long panels to add some pizzazz to my jeans and lo and behold, there’s a spot on it.


So we’re going to make a smooth transition and turn this post into a quiz. Should I…

A. Call and ask wtf type of operation they’re running

B. Take the shirt to a $1 per piece spot

C. Call and ask what type of operation they’re running and then take it back to be re-cleaned

D. Go the passive aggressive route and write a Yelp review.

Help me out. The struggle is real.

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