Stella McCartney Shows Major Love to Millenial Ladies, Debuts Signature Scent

Millennial women stand up, we finally have a signature scent!

Stella McCartney has stepped up to be the voice of a generation in eco-friendly fragrance form.

“POP is a spirit,” the designer wrote on her IG. “It’s about celebrating that exciting time when you are coming into your own. It’s about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels. x Stella”


Stella understands our whole lives.

Musician, writer, director and pink haired stunner Grimes has been tapped to be one of the faces of the new fragrance. We can’t wait to see who else she has in mind to rep the new smell. We’re putting in our vote for Solange.

Just like White Diamonds or Chanel Number 5 embodied a generation of women, here’s to hoping that generations to come will smell Pop and think of us.

You can pick up the goods via on March 24 or hit the store to grab it sometime in July.

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