How to Overdress Like a Canadian Circa 1970

I’ve been wanting to attack this Canadian Tuxedo look for a while now.

I needed something a bit different than a just jeans and a button down. Something that I could really vibe with. So this is where my new relationship comes in.

I have this close friend named Zara. We’ve been hanging out ALOT lately. I go visit her during my lunch breaks, on the weekend, as a little triple date with my mom. She’s always a ball, always has something new for me and she’s so chic.

But we all know that the best of situations can get stale sometimes. It got to the point where I went to see her the other day and knew what she was going to say before she even said it. Check out these floral pants, this white top would look great on you, blah blah. I’m like girl, this is the same thing we talked about yesterday. You don’t have any new material yet?

Anyway, I say all of the to say that the top, pants and shoes are all you guessed it, Zara.

Usually I’d feel weird about rocking one brand head to toe but this one worked for me. The wide legs are heaven sent, the top is so flowy and the shoes, well the shoes hurt a little but they’re so cute!

And even though my resting bitch face got caught up in the pictures, I promise I was having fun.

I gotta say, it was definitely a good day. Too bad I was completely overdressed for the event I went to.

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