Return Of The Mack: The #BalmainArmy Gets A Healthy Dose of 90s Supermodel Power

Remember Return of the Mack? It was on heavy rotation in 1996 when I was just a 6-year-old trying to live my life and dance to my favorite songs. It was hot around the same time that Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer were at the height of their careers. They were everywhere. And always looked so damn glamorous.

So, the song came on today while I was in a Youtube rabbit hole that turned into a 90s jam session and I realized it was obviously the perfect song to go along with what just happened. Right when you’re going about your business, not expecting anything in particular, there’s a return of the supermodel macks.

And they just didn’t return, because that wouldn’t be enough.

The returned and ABSOLUTELY SLAYED this new Balmain campaign. (sorry for yelling)

So the following are a few comments and questions I had after processing what just happened…

First of all, #BalmainArmy keeps getting better and better.

Second of all, #SquadGoals

Third, Olivier!!! We have questions for you boo!

  1. We can call you boo right?
  2. You think you’re slick don’t you? Debuting this amazingness on #TBT when we’re all feeling super nostalgic anyway.
  3. Why haven’t they aged?
  4. Did they tell you to tell us how to make the light ricochet off one’s cheekbones like that?
  5. Can I get that effect with this Sephora contour kit I have?
  6. Why are these images perfect?
  7. Where’s Christy?
  8. Should we make this a weekly thing? #TBT x #BalmainArmy? You bring back our favorite fashion faces of years past & we promise to double tap? Ay? Ay? *slight elbow nudge*
  9. I think we should.
  10. That wasn’t a question but here’s another one…
  11. How did you make this happen? Really. Like what did that email say?
  12. Bravo.

Really. There’s nothing else to say. Check out the rest of the pictures here.


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