It’s Almost Impossible to Use The Bathroom In a Jumpsuit

Question: Is it possible to wear an amazing jumpsuit and at some point in the day make it to the bathroom without experiencing a mistake of massive proportions?

I’ll give some context. The above picture was taken during a quick but efficient break during ESSENCE Festival. I look happy enough but it’s only because I had no idea how hard it’d be to relieve myself while wearing this damn jumpsuit.

It was mid-day, I was working like a (well-paid) slave in the production room when it hit me, I have to go to the bathroom NOW.

I’d been avoiding it. You see, when you’re wrapped up in the finest intricately-woven printed jumpsuit Anthropologie’s sale section had to offer, you can’t just decide that you’ll go to the bathroom; it’s a process.

This particular jumpsuit happened to be quite complicated. There are straps that twist across the back and in the front, held together by zippers that like to get stuck. There’s also a zipper on the side that once you’ve worked out the straps, lets you know the job is not quite done.

I won’t go into the gory details but a close encounter was had.

I came up from the experience a little tired, a little agitated and in agreement with myself that that’d be the last bathroom break of the day.

Answer: Jumpsuits are great until it’s time to go.


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