& Other Stories Teams up With Ada Kokosar & It’s Good Stuff

I’m on a mission to build my fall wardrobe from the ground up. I’m talking pieces I can wear until I’m at least 30 because I’m grown now and I think of things like that.

As I sat in my bed and continued on my mission to find the season’s finest I stumbled upon & Other Stories newest collabo. Oh, hey Ada Kokosar.


She looks focused doesn’t she? So do the clothes. The homepage featured a model who gave a piercing, confident, “you know you want these clothes I’m wearing” look and there was a cool ass gif so naturally I was pulled in.

They could’ve called the line ‘The Dawn of Minimalism” as every cut was simple, sharp and to the point.

When it comes to Kokosar’s feelings about the clothes she drops a very useful nugget about the intention of her line.

“Every piece can be reinterpreted and combined after occasion and personality.”

Yes. That’s what I need. Simple, well made pieces that I can mold into my own.

First order of business? I’ll holla at that white overcoat with the mean drape.

Good looking out, Ada.

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