Oh Hey Vacay

Although I now look like the bronze-goddess-esque version of myself I can assure you I was a pale woman about a week ago. Bruised by the relentless wrath of the winter, I found myself making attempts to rebel with a light coat here, or a ripped jean there. Just trudging along. Working, writing, sleeping and hoping for 60 degrees, just 60.  Just when I thought the rat race had taken me into the abyss and I’d be stuck in a work, home, occasional occasion wheel forever it happened.


But not just any vacation. Barbados. The land of Rihanna. Where the sun is always shining, beaches are never far & roosters walk around like pigeons in New York; bold and unapologetic.

I waited until the last minute (read: the morning of) to pack for an 8 day trip because not only am I an OG, but I’d already decided I was bringing my entire summer wardrobe which really made things quite simple.

A few rompers here, a club dress there, shorts everywhere, a bag of shoes and I was set.

My boyfriend and I were greeted with a warm, still night and quickly found ourselves having deep discussion over the White Hennessy we’d just frantically swept up at the airport liquor store. The next day we made an early morning trip to the beach. We met a bartender who happily served us rum punches and pulled out a self-made board game with his face printed smack in the middle. I kid you not. His deal, which I could tell he was very seasoned at presenting, was that if my boyfriend could beat me in the game, our rum punches would be free. We paid for the drinks, like I knew we would.

I’m not sure if I knew how much I needed this trip. The excursions to the beach, an all-inclusive one-day resort pass courtesy of el hook up de la familia and a full-blown scene out of a dancehall movie left me wondering what would happen if I just left my whole life in New York and kept the party going in Barbados.

An amazing tan, a suitcase full of sand and wrinkly fingers later I left this gorgeous island with one major lesson that I’ll admit I had to learn a few times: Always one rum punch, never two. Never. Two.








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