Can I Get A Mac-Nasty Please?

Reactions are gold. There’s a reason countless YouTube videos are dedicated to how people react when they find out valuable, shocking or awe-worthy information. That being said, my first reaction upon hearing about the pending collaboration between Nasty Gal and M.A.C. was…

Stop Playin

Then I promptly moved onto..

I’m alllllll over that.

And I rounded it out with,

Man Sophia Amoroso is really a bona fide boss.

So now here I am, just super excited about the collaboration that was announced today via the Nasty Gal blog. The collection of red, violet and burgundy lipsticks and a nail polish will be available December 4th. Thank God because the loss of my magic in a stick also referred to as M.A.C.’s ‘Flat Out Fabulous’ was really starting to get to me.

Until next time.


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