Just One Question…

Do You See This Coat?!

That was the question heard around the internet today.

And it’s a damn good question if you ask me. With the current trend of over-the-top, colorful, fun, and statement-making coats, one can easily find themselves in a situation where they’ll have to get real Kanye on someone.

Here’s a few instances:

You’re on the train making your way to work (or fashion week or school or wherever you go in the morning) and someone looks as if they’re going to spill their coffee on your faux fur. [Insert Kanye-ism here]

You’re standing in line at whatever your go-to breakfast spot is and someone is standing so close you can feel them breathing. [It’s time for that quote again]

You linger before heading out of the house so that your mother, father, boyfriend, cat can show some respect to the finishing touch you put on your ensemble. [Yep, it’s appropriate here too]

And to all of my clearly seasoned Fashion Week regulars, if someone asks you something crazy like, “are you venturing into the fashion industry?” The answer is quite simple and can be used in several situations you may find yourself in. DO YOU SEE THIS COAT??!!! -Courtesy of Kanye, thank him later.


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