In Case You Didn’t Know How To Work This 70’s Trend


The reemergence of the 70’s has been talked about so much that the topic seems out of trend already but I can assure you, ready or not here it comes, you can’t hide.

Those of us who hadn’t yet made our grand entrances into the world in the 70’s may be at a standstill in regards to tackling the much-talked about trend. If you’re like myself you didn’t hit the scene until about two decades later however, there will be no excuses. You WILL be able to conjure up you inner Diana Ross. She’s in there, decked in sequins and fur and wide-legged pants and she’s coming out because she wants the world to know that you can conquer any trend. Don’t know where to start? That’s what pictures (and google) are for.

Recreate these looks and make sure to really soak in the attitude, there’s some overt sex appeal that women of the 70’s exerted that I fear must emerge to capture the true essence of the time.




All white getup. Check. Deep v-neck drama. Check. Ill fox fur. Check.


Yes to the fur. Yes to the shades. Yes to the slay. Donna taught me.


Seems like bras were frowned upon in the 70’s. Sounds like a “business-as-usual” summer for me. I’m here for it.


Cher. The epitome. ‘Tis all.


Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. Points for the Canadian tux. Double points for the Canadian tux executed with a jean jacket instead of a button down. I see a recreation in the near future. *does Birdman hand rub*


Pat Cleveland is the ultimate and since patterns (and tights) are back in I think this is a viable option.


The style challenge: Regardless of where you’re going, get there with large tassels hanging from your wrists without snagging them on something and you win.


By all means, go out in a low-cut body suit and sip a martini like you just don’t care. 70’s style 101. Word to Grace Jones.


Do dress like her. Don’t have whatever she had.


Again, when in doubt just go for a body suit and fur. Throw in the skates to show extra commitment and that yes, you know exactly what you’re doing.


I’ll admit; I’m not sure if this is an vintage picture or not because it could very well be from somebody’s Fall/Winter ’15 line. Needless to say, copy it all.


Yes, Farrah. We’re taking notes.


Promise you can go to right now and get this whole outfit.


Bianca Jagger and this turban. Please and thank you.


Perfectly picked afro, killer abs and attitude for days. This one is not for beginners. I repeat, assembly required.

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