I’m a Free Woman and I Have a New T-Shirt to Prove It

I don’t speak French, but something about the words “Un Femme Libre” made me feel like saying, #HYFR.

Although feelings were stirred, I initially kept it moving. But just like Chingy, something kept pulling me back and because I’m the quintessential millennial, I looked up the exact meaning on google.

“Free Woman”

I like. And now I had to have it. I beelined back to where I saw it neatly folded and relished in the fact that soon I’d be able to tell the world I’m independent without having to speak.

The first explanation of the phrase came up as unmarried woman and it made me a bit uncomfortable, even though I’m unmarried as can be. I’m unsure if I was weary about proclaiming my unmarried position as if it’d somehow jinx me, or if I was uncomfortable with the phrase having to do with a relationship as opposed to the woman herself.

I was glad to find the alternative definition because it had nothing to do with status. There’s no relation to whether or not you sleep beside someone at night. The shirt forced me to think about what a free woman  means to me and for that it was worth the jacked up price.

I am a free woman. Aren’t I? I mean I have a boyfriend, and I don’t mean to suggest that I’m free from him and I felt like it was weird that that feeling came up, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.

I thought about him, about how he’d feel about the shirt, and about if I was declaring my independence from him by wearing it.

I performed a test that always works for me. Would I be comfortable with him wearing it? “Un Homme Libre.” Of course I would. It’s true. He is free. He’s a free person with his own will and path, that happens to be my boyfriend. And I’m the same.

Being a free woman is something outside of your relationship status. Being a free woman has to do with your will. It’s about carving your own path and having your own ideas and making your own way. I have those things, and I do those things to the best of my ability. I wore it with red lips to further drive home my point. And just because this phrase makes me feel the same way the shirt does I’ll end with this.

“I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.”

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