I have a Crush on Iris Apfel

Young, fresh and new.

That phrase nails her whole aura, although she’s technically 94 years old.

And that’s why I have a crush on her.

I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly who she was at first, but it played out almost like a middle school crush. You see something about them that catches your eye, and for the rest of your day your peripheral view game is ninja-like as you try to catch a glimpse just so you can admire them. For me it was always the color of their shirt. I’d see my crush in the morning, notice he had on a white shirt & for the rest of the day I’d risk breaking my neck every time I saw a glimpse of white. It was quite ridiculous, but this crush is based on much more substance.

And this is what it is.

Iris makes you look and listen. Whether it’s her take no prisoners accessory choices, her iconic glasses or her sharp one-liners, she’s the kind of lady you want to be because she’s hard to miss.

In a sea of people that look & blog & Instagram & talk alike, it’s always refreshing to see someone that genuinely moves to beat of their own drum.

Not for the ‘gram but because that’s just her style.

She has the kind of confidence that twenty-somethings wish we could bottle and drink as a morning elixir. It’s unapologetic, bold and yet still manages to be unassuming.

She’s mastered the art of being herself, and that’s crush-worthy if nothing else is.

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