Hotline Bling: A Lesson in Owning Your Corny

That sounds worse than how I really mean it. Let me explain.

Drake is corny, in the best way possible, and we got to witness just how far his corny can stretch in the new video for “Hotline Bling.”

Now, to say that he’s corny isn’t to say that he’s not bae, or cool, or talented, or killing the entire game right now. It’s just to say that he’s a regular guy. Just like the rest of us.

During a mid-day conversation with my best friend, we dissected the video  and came to the conclusion that Drake flourishes because he never perpetrates. He never pretends to be something he isn’t. This isn’t new information, but it took “Hotline Bling” to bring it back into focus.

Drake gave us his “I’m in the house by myself in my pajamas listening to my favorite song” moves and it worked. We’re soaking it up. I had 6 separate conversations about it yesterday and it’s all because that man let lose.

He taught us, like he has so many times before that it pays to be you, whatever that is.

And it’s as simple as that. Next time you’re wondering how to rock that new dress, or what to say during that interview or if they’ll like you at your new bookclub (I don’t know maybe you just joined a bookclub), take a cue from Drizzy.

And if you’re still wondering how to go from 0-100 real quick? The answer is simple,  be yo self! (My bestie came up with that one. #GoBestFriend)

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  1. Great article. Drake is definitely “corny” but he makes it look so cool. We all need to own our corny and just enjoy life.

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