Guide To Gettin’ Ready


So here we all are…right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and that means that it’s not only a time of giving but of parties. Parties mean music, dancing and socializing. Which means you have to get dressed.

As you pull out your ensembles I implore you not to forget one of the most integral steps & quite possibly the thin line between an epic night and a “nice night.”

You wouldn’t work out before stretching would you? Or start your car on a cold day without letting it run right? Right? So why would you get dressed without seeing how your ‘fit takes a few dance moves? Or even a quick “get your eagle on” moment? (If the occasion calls for it…if not please continue reading).

When I brought in 2014 it was epic. I wore velvet and fur and I shook my butt at a sold out “Great Gatsby” themed party that I didn’t buy a ticket for. The club had a pool in it and although I was terrified to fall in, I loved the idea of it. I sat and had inebriated yet meaningful conversations with friends and laughed with my head tossed back like some rich, carefree model. The next morning I arose fully clothed, pulled my 5’11” body from my best friend’s very small couch and shuffled towards her room. My first words of 2014 were, “I woke up like this.” The entire Beyonce album was played before the night’s festivities. I assure you it would not have been as amazing had we prepared without the Queen Bey’s uplifting words.

(Editor’s Note: My 23-year-old soul was completely and utterly satisfied with the proceedings of NYE 2013. This year I probably wont consider fully clothed slumber on a mini couch “epic” but you see where I’m going. The music is still necessary.)

My prelude really comes down to this; what will you get dressed to? In silence? That’s just really not the best move girl, you’ll surely have a more lively night if you start it the right way. You want to know why the girl in the above picture looks so sad? It’s not because she doesn’t know what to wear. The issue is that she is tune-less, quite simply.

So without further ado I present to you my list of getting ready songs that’ll make you feel like the goddess you are.

Feel free to dance in the mirror, actually dance in the mirror by all means. I can’t help you with any sweat-marks that may be incurred so use your best judgement and take a second if it gets too warm.

Nicki Minaj- Truffle Butter

House influences, Drake’s voice and normal Nicki make this my new favorite. Heavy NYE rotation is probably an understatement.

Beyonce – Grown Woman

This is one of the songs I warned you about. While you’re jamming remember the goal is to leave the house sans sweat marks.

Iggy Azalea – Fancy

It’s hard to do this type of list without including this one. I mean she’s repeatedly saying “I’m so fancy,” is that not what every woman feels when she knows she looks good?

Kiesza – Hideaway

K, maybe I’m just partial to house/techno but this one makes you move. Might be good to pass on the actual dances in this video until it’s actually party time.

Have fun!



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