Getting to Know the Duo Behind Jewelry Line, Lane & Lanae

One Instagram like can lead to many things. Happily ever after (I mean, maybe), a new friend (fun!) or even a long winding road to 63 weeks ago before you catch yourself (we call that creep mode). In this case however, after a friendly like from the Lane and Lanae Instagram page, I was introduced to Melissa and Alesse Bloom, the designing duo behind the jewelry line.

Following a quick scroll on their page (no creep status), one thing was clear; these girls are cool.

So I reached out, and along with making some new west coast homies I got personal and found out about Melissa and Alesse’s upbringing, their goals and just who they think they are.

What was your upbringing like? Were your parents creatives and/or did they encourage you to be creatives?

We grew up by the beach in Southern California and have always been close. Our parents encouraged us to be best friends and always include each other. Our mother has a background in science, as a nurse, and our father is an entrepreneur who owned several retail stores while we were growing up. So, maybe that is where we got our interest in the fashion world.

At dinners, playdates or just at home after school, we always had arts and crafts to keep us busy, or else movies and books that were inspiring our creativity. We read the entire Happy Potter series out loud to each other and are still, to this day, always looking for our next book to read together. Our parents wanted us to have a well rounded upbringing and we’d say they definitely succeeded.

Lane and Lanae for Of The Same Cloth

What was the hardest part about starting Lane & Lanae?

Starting a business is like making a pie from scratch (which we do for the holidays with Grandma’s recipe!) it can be messy and takes a long time to see your results. Not only is it one of the hardest thing we have ever done in our lives, but it was really scary putting our chosen career paths on hold to take a leap of faith and start something new, fun and different to feed our souls.

What or who inspires you?

This may sound cliche, but we both agree it’s our mother. She is a strong, independent woman who raised us to be the same. She grew up with a father who told her that she was just as good as any man and could do anything a man could do. Her guidance and support has without a doubt helped us take the path that we have.

How does fashion play into your easy, breezy jewelry designs?

Like you said, easy-breezy chic would be one way to describe how we see our jewels being styled. We grew up near the water in Southern California, so our wardrobes have always reflected a laid back and relaxed vibe. Don’t get us wrong, we love our designer pieces, but we like to feel comfortable too. Our jewelry lends to that style and feel. The idea of throwing on a tank top, jeans and leather jacket, decked out in all our golden jewels, feels like an outfit done right to us!

Share a short story featuring one of your favorite pieces of jewelry. 

Our favorite jewelry pieces are our three-of-a-kind rings made of gold and diamonds that we mention in the ‘about’ section of our site. There is one for each of us and one for our mother. The diamonds were from her original wedding band that our father had made for her. She wanted to do something with it when he bought her a more modern version as an anniversary gift. Since she always wants to share what she has with us, we made these rings as a way to stay connected to each other no matter where we are in the world. These are actually what planted the seed in our heads to create Lane + Lanae.


What is success to you? What type of impact do you hope to have on the accessories/jewelry world?

We recently heard a quote by Cheryl Strayed:“You don’t have a career, you have a life, so go live it.” In our culture success is often equated with how famous you are or how much money you have. The standards keep getting higher! We love that quote because it puts into perspective what a job or career should be to a person. Lane + Lanae is first and foremost a passion that enriches our lives and we hope will enrich others’ lives too. Every piece we design is something we would, and do, wear everyday.

We believe that everyone should be able to own a diamond and feel special and beautiful no matter their looks, culture or background. We’re not saying that we think material items can or will make a person happy in this world, but we have to admit that it’s fun dressing up in gold and diamonds! We believe jewelry is a great outlet to express your personality through style.

Who do you think you are? As in,  what makes you unique, special, the next big thing? I think that when people, especially women, go after what they want the question is often “who do you think you are?” So, in your own words, who are you?

We are sisters who, though very close, could be called polar opposites. Every piece we deign is a compromise of sorts. We figure out a way to make our two diverse styles work together so that both of us are happy with the end result. We make sure we love each piece equally and in doing so, ensure a much wider group of people do too. Everything about our company is meant to bond us together and that includes our customers. Whether family, friends, peers or acquaintances, our pieces are neither elaborate nor understated so even the most opposite people can share them.

Learn more about Melissa and Alesse and treat yourself to some new jewelry here!

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