Fashion Week is That You?

If you place your hand over your forehead and look out yonder you can see it galloping full speed ahead. It’s a shiny, noisy,¬†busy, catty, dramatic, fun, chic, mess of goodness and it’s headed straight for us, or well, New York, it’s headed towards New York.

It seems like just a few short weeks ago we all gathered ’round to feast our eyes on what we’d be wearing or trying to get our hands on come Spring/Summer and just like that, it’s time again.

Fashion Week is here.

Even though things officially kicked off yesterday, today’s the day to come with your best. It’s like picture day in elementary school. Serious business. Your outfit¬†will most likely be immortalized, whether you’re a street style favorite or hell-bent on getting that perfect full-body selfie. It’s time to do the absolute most in the name of fashion.

I’ll be fully participating, decked out in all that my paycheck can muster, even if I’m stuck in the office.

We’ll have updates, inside scoops (as much as I have access to that is), reviews, and pretty things!

It’ll be fun!

Point is, you must return to Of The Same Cloth over and over and over again to get updates on everything that’s going down for Fashion Week.

Promise? K, great.

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