Desk Party: ‘Rude Tings’ is the #GirlBoss Theme Song We’ve Been Waiting For

The last few weeks have been a shit show to say the least, but just because our country is in shambles at the moment doesn’t mean that your respective playlists have to be. Enter Lulu Be. The Chicago-born Ethiopian rapper is pretty much what I’ve been waiting for and Rude Tings just might be the girl boss anthem we’ve all been waiting for.

With a beat that makes me want to shake my ass, protest, hit the studio and lay a track of my own all while wearing an embellished crown, I think it’s safe to say that this track checks off a few boxes.

So, yea. It’s good. And if you need something to take your mind off of things while slightly making you move in your desk chair, Lulu’s got it.

I’ve already played it to death but if this is your first time hearing of her, please enjoy.

Now go forth and prosper, Queen!

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