Coming To Terms With My Wardrobe

 So as I sit here watching reruns of True Blood, eating cheese & crackers (my 2015 snack) and frowning at what I have written already on this page, I’m seriously thinking about what I want this year. I mean what I really need to make happen in my life. I think about all the things that I want to accomplish and it all rounds out to WTF am I going to do with my wardrobe?! It all starts there.

At the risk of sounding shallow and misguided I’ll preface this by saying that all the other things I need to accomplish are simply goals. Not resolutions. It’s different, we’ll talk about it another time.

My wardrobe is the only thing that needs resolving because we didn’t come into the year on the best terms. The truth is, I’ve been unable to give it what it needs financially and it’s unable to stretch to meet me in the middle. When it’s time to get dressed in the morning I feel this judgmental aura when I throw on my ripped jeans and one of my boyfriends many plaid shirts. When it’s time to actually go outside I’m frustrated that it hasn’t manifested more practical options for me. (Where am I going in those glass heeled boots?)

I can admit that I’ve been somewhat lazy, I can. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t try dammit. I try to appease it with as many additions as I can. I really do. And I mean I think I do a good job but it just never seems to be enough.

Dis-functional love/hate relationship aside, I’m making this pledge here and now to my wardrobe, because sometimes it’s hard to address her directly.

-I will invest in “practical” items so that when it’s time to get dressed I don’t only have shoes with glass heels, tulle skirts and sequins to choose from.

-I will also refrain from the other extreme of wearing jeans with holes and my boyfriend’s oversized plaid t-shirts every day.

-I will go for quality and not quantity. What use is having that cute one-piece if it gets this weirdly dried-out, ashy look all over (and particularly near the crotch) after the first wash and shrinks without even allowing me to wear it in the house without looking crazed.  True story.

-I will not assemble lazy outfits. I will dress like I’m actually planning on interacting with people that I care about.

-I will follow my shopping gut. If I leave something at a store and think about it afterwards, I will go back to rescue it.

-I will keep her neat, organized and refreshed.

-I will refrain from hoarding any item that has served it’s time and purpose.

And lastly, because I had to reference this cover photo somehow,

-I will speak no evil of my wardrobe in pure frustration while trying to find that ONE item that has seemingly disappeared from not only my closet but the face of the freakin’ Earth but reappears the next week when I settled for the inferior option.

-I will see no limitation to where my wardrobe and I can go together.

-I will hear no opinions on what I should and/or shouldn’t be wearing.


Happy New Year!

What will you and your collection of ensembles work on this year?

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