Buy of The Week: Banana Republic Mega Sale Tweed Coat

I’ve never stolen anything before, but buying this $298 full-length wool coat for $68 is the closest I’ll probably ever get to that rush.

And I’m just really satisfied with it, you know?

Even though there was a big sign that said 60% off sale items and there were other people there with me, it felt like I knew something everyone else didn’t. Almost as if there was some level on a game I’d just beat and I was the only one that had the cheat code.

I called my mom afterwards to let her know that I’d just made an extremely smart purchase. A sophisticated full-length wool coat prior to the necessary season? A purchase not based purely on a¬†whimsical idea of how I can transform it into some magical outfit? I’m really growing up.

I knew she’d be proud because a few short years ago when I was still in all of my teen glory I refused to wear coats that fully covered my butt somehow convincing myself that they were frumpy. My how the times have changed. Now I’m not only buying those coats but gloating about the money I’ve saved doing so.

I’ll will admit though that I’ve yet to master the art that is buying an article of clothing and storing it until the perfect time for a debut.

Case in point: I may or may not have broken a sweat while wearing it prematurely last night.

It looked great though.

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