Beyonce is the GOAT, ‘Lemonade’ Proves it Once and for All

So, we should have known Beyonce was pissed by the album preview art.

Cornrows, baby hairs laid for the Gawds and a fur?

We should have known.

But hindsight is 20/20 right?

Any-who, Bey¬†tried to warn us a few weeks ago that she did not come to play with hoes in Formation, and of course we already knew that but…damn.

I’m currently applying extra Jojoba oil to my temples to try to revive them after the wig snatching shit Bey pulled last night.

I keep finding myself saying “Whew!”

The imagery. The messages. The lyrics. The FASHION. The beautiful Black women. The depth. The truth. The realness. The rage. The grace. The beauty. The hope. The rebirth.

It was epic.

As my boyfriend pointed out, it’s almost like a Frida Kahlo painting come to life. It’s as poignant, jarring, heartfelt, full of rage, love, and the emotions we all feel.

I had to sit with it for a minute. Dance alone in the mirror to it. Really listen to it. Watch it. Laugh to it. And feel the chills I did when Beyonce said, “Grandmother, the alchemist” as I watched my own grandmother sleep.

I think the special thing about music and Beyonce specifically is the ability to connect. To stir up real emotions in people. To build some sort of relationship with people. That’s why we feel it when celebrities die, that’s why we’re so interested while they’re alive, it’s because they’re apart of our lives.

I walked away from ‘Lemonade’ feeling like Bey and I had had the deepest conversation of our relationship and now I understand who she is as a person better.

And I felt like she understood me.

It’s the same feeling Lauren Hill delivered in The Miseducation of Lauren Hill.

She stirred up emotions I feel that someone is trying to play me. The anger that you feel when that man that’s the closest to you forgets who you really are, whoever that man may be. She made me feel that tinge when one of my best friends is hurt because she’s been disrespected. I feel what I feel when I watch the beauty of my grandmother and mother and look at what they’re been able to create. And the same pain I’ve felt over and over for women who look like me mourn the loss of their sons who should still be here.

She got up in front of the world and reassured us that she sees us, she understands and she’s going through it too.

My boyfriend mentioned that he really liked the album. Said he noticed that it’s not really feminine. I pointed out that it’s almost completely feminine. We agreed. He said it’s so feminine that it’s not.

I think that’s another thing Bey tapped into. The idea of what it means to be a woman and what it really is. It was the perfect concoction of womanhood, strength, vulnerability and bravado.

Beyonce certainly made Lemonade out of lemons, and I’m so glad she shared some of it with us. I hadn’t even realized I was parched.




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