Beyonce Gives a Middle Finger to the Competition

Beyonce has some choice hand motions for the competition, and she can defy gravity and she rocks a mean ponytail.

All things we learned or relearned via her spread for Flaunt Magazine.

Bey has been crowned the queen of the mag’s fictional city CALIFUK and naturally the town’s people wanted to know a bit more about their new ruler.

In true royal fashion, Beyonce granted them a small but significant peek into her world and it’s just a great as we thought it’d be.

When asked to play a little game of word association Yonce showed up and showed out. A few of my favorite take aways are as follows.

Competition: Middle Finger


Polluted: Social Media


Yoga: Baby Bend Over

Lmao! Bey, you so crazy!




Maybe word association should be the new wave of interviews.

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