Alexa Chung is Resurrecting Uggs and Deserves Major Props for It

I think one of the markers of a true icon is the ability to reinvent oneself.

So with that definition in mind I think it’s safe to call Uggs iconic. They’re almost like Brittany Spears – no one can deny their influence, just hearing about them gives you the distinct comfort of your adolescence and there was a period of time where shit got real and no one was showing them any love.

I’ll be the first to admit though. I. loved. My. Uggs.

I got a new pair every year and breathed a sigh of relief every time I stepped into the soft, billowy creations. It always felt like I was walking on clouds and as a melo-dramatic teenager who saw so much in the relentless hallways of my high school; a fresh pair of Uggs, an afternoon phone conversation with my best friend that I’d just left at school and Comic View were my solace.

My relationship with Uggs went well into college as they trudged along with me while I made my way across campus to house parties in cold so intense that it forced you not to speak to anyone until you got inside. In short, my Uggs and I have been through a lot.

Courtesy of Ugg

I say all of that to say that Ugg has done what it does best and tapped Alexa Chung to breath new life into the brand. In honor of the launch of the brand’s Classic 2.0 boots, they teamed up with Chung for their first creative collaboration. Alexa stepped up to the plate like the true fashion champ that she is and gathered a slew of cool ass people including friends Cleo Wade, Brianna Lance, Coco Baudelle, and Anna Z Gray to model various styles of the shoes and Ben Rayner as the photographer.

The truth of the matter is that the further we get into 2016 the more it looks like the early 2000s are waiting for us at the door, ready to remind us of where we really come from and what we tried to leave behind. This is one of the many reason that 2016 is a questionable year at best, but we’ll talk about that later.

Either way, it seems as if Alexa wants us to know that it’s safe to rock your Uggs again as long as it’s with minimal, cool-girl threads. Point taken Alexa, and thanks for the green light.

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