A Strong Case for Backpacks and Dresses With Pockets

Dresses with pockets are good. Real good.

And this backpack? I love this freakin’ backpack.

So pairing them together was the making of a good damn day.

I’m officially an advocate for both styles and the reasoning is simply based on a hands-free experience; nothing more, nothing less. Throwing all of my random purse findings into a backpack and not having to lug them around on my shoulder was actually more needed than I even knew. And if there came a time when I was hands free, having an awkward moment and not sure what to do with my hands? Enter: Dress pockets.

Are you following here? Is this not a great situation?

I felt free, inhibited, ready to take on the city. I even wondered why women don’t wear backpacks more often? Why did we leave this in our childhoods? Why do we subject ourselves to heavy, messy purses when we could just throw it over our shoulders and keep it pushing?

And maybe I’m not breaking any barriers here. Maybe there’s a reason why backpacks for the ladies are all the rage right now. But dammit I’m on board and you should be too.

The facts are clear. I think I made my point and I rest my case.

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Backpack: Zara

Shoes: Sole Society

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