5 Honest Thoughts About the Time I Photobombed Kim Kardashian

I literally wasn’t laughing at her. Like, literally in it’s literal sense.

I must’ve expressed this sentiment 50 times after I was tagged in this photo while lounging about in Hampton, sipping from a miniature bottle of Moet and feeling like I’d finally made it even if I was only a guest of a guest (still counts right?)

I thought nothing of the photo until I read the comments. Word to the wise: Never read the comments.

Essentially Kim was being dragged for her satirical choices and I was dubbed as “the girl in the back.”

The widely held belief was that I, a young woman who couldn’t afford the heel on her thigh-high jean boots, was having the heartiest of laughs at the expense of a woman I consider to be extremely stylish is just…mean. Oh, and just for reference widely held refers to the handful of commenters that expressed themselves via the Fashion Bomb Daily Instagram post, this hilarious Buzzfeed article and the lovely ladies who left very strong feedback on my article for ESSENCE.

Being caught in the same place as Kim K reminded me that it’s a cold, cold world out there and most of us have on a thin Zara sweater. Not only did people pick her entire life apart, they dragged her for her outfit choice and decided that it was inappropriate for the weather even though it was just a picture and they had no idea what the weather was actually like. Like, c’mon people. What if it was overcast? What if she’d just stepped off a heavily air conditioned private jet? We don’t know this woman’s (whole) life.

What do I know about this situation you ask? A few things that I’d like to share with you, actually. They are as follows:


  1. Yes Kim K’s areolas were somewhat visible but in the most tasteful way you could imagine.
  2. Those boots are fire. Idc. Idc.
  3. Kimmy was hella nice. Like seriously. Her photographer decided my friend and I were in the exact spot he needed to capture her in all of her glory and shooed like dusty NYC pigeons that got too close while minding their business at the local park. She turned around and apologized for taking over our Instagram moment because who else knows how important that is than her? So, see? She’s really nice.
  4. Ya’ll are wrong for talking about that man’s shoes. Those are Gucci. Fur shoes are having a moment. He and his backless loafers are exempt.
  5. I stand by my original statement. I was not laughing at Kim Kardashian. I’m not quite that cool yet guys.
  6. *Bonus* Seriously don’t be mean out there. It’s easy. Treat every comment as if it’s a testament of character that’ll be forwarded to your momma, or children, or that evil boss that’s trying to stop you from glowing up this year or that potential bae you’re trying to get at before that subtle gust of fall wind turns into a full on blizzard. What would they think? Don’t care? Mmkay I tried, carry on then.
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