10 Thoughts You Have When You Get Sick on The First Day of Fashion Week

It really happened to me. I got sick on the first day of fashion week and was down & out for the ENTIRE time. I missed it all. Parties, shows, work, everything. I’m just now at the point where I feel like I can talk about my ordeal. These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head as I realized I’d bitten the dust.

1. HA! This must be the keen sense of humor God is so famous for.

2. A snippet of the first 23 seconds of ‘Saddest Day of My Life‘ ran on replay in my head. That song is no longer smooth reggae listening that reminds me of my Dad, but real life.

3. W(in)T(entire)F?

4. When this is all said & done, I’ll never complain about being overwhelmed by Fashion Week. I’ll show it the appreciation it deserves.

5. This can’t be life. There has to be more. This can’t be us.

6. How will anybody witness my superior ability to dress myself?

7. Is this what Amy meant by Tales From the Back Row? Why does it feel more like “no row?”

8. Ok, I lied. I didn’t have tickets to much (read:anything) anyway, but y’all didn’t know that.

9. Did Mercury Retrograde start early? How is that fair? No warning? Why do I go to Horoscope Junkie everyday if it couldn’t prepare me for this?

10. *When doctors prescribe pain killers with no real diagnosis and so you’ve missed the entire week of fashion for a mystery pain* WHO GOT THE ANSWERS???

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